Tin Mountain EcoForum: Foliage in the MWV – Recent Trends Thurs, Sept 14, 12-1 PM Nature Learning Center

As maples turn red and orange, beech and birch turn yellow, and hobblebush turns a deep maroon, visitors and residents of the Mount Washington Valley seek both roads and trails for beautiful views of fall colors. With news of the far reaching effects of climate change, scientists and students alike are looking at foliage data to shed light on the how peak foliage dates have changed over time.

Come listen to Georgia Murray and Eloryn Fall, an eighth grader, as they dive into topics such as climate change, phenology, and fall foliage during Tin Mountain Conservation Center’s September EcoForum., “Foliage in the Mount Washington Valley – Recent Trends”, on Sept 14 from noon until 1 PM at the Nature Learning Center on Bald Hill Road in Albany, NH. Enjoy a delicious slice or two pizza while you listen thanks to The Flatbread Company of North Conway.

The Appalachian Mountain Club’s staff scientist, Georgia Murray, teamed up with Kennett Middle School (KMS) student Eloryn Fall to analyze photos taken from cameras in Bartlett and at KMS in order to study changing pigments in the surrounding forest canopies. With a B.A. in Biology from St. Anselm College, and a M.S in Earth Sciences/Geochemical Systems from University of New Hampshire, Georgia is an expert in air quality, watershed science, and citizen-science programs which monitor indicators of climate change and air quality.

Eloryn Fall is a current 8th grade student at KMS who dedicated the past winter and spring to analyzing data collected from the haze photographs for her science fair project. Eloryn finished as a finalist at the 2017 Mount Washington Region Science Fair and went on with Georgia to present their work at the 54th Annual Hubbard Brook Cooperators’ Meeting this summer, where Eloryn was the youngest scientists to ever present.

The Eco-Forum lunchtime lecture series is sponsored by The Flatbread Company of North Conway and Frontside Coffee Roasters. It is presented at noon on the second Thursday of each month at the Tin Mountain Nature Learning Center in Albany. For more information, visit our website www.tinmountain.org.

Photo Credit of Foliage Naomi Buckman

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