Color your VIBE cover & enter a raffle drawing, just for fun!

GOOD VIBRATIONS are all around us here in the Valley…
What a fabulous, informative, relevant and very fun magazine we are all blessed to have in the Mt Washington Valley Vibe. If you haven’t yet checked it out, you’ll want to grab the winter edition to read AND when you do… I’ll bet you that you will want to color it too!

So, why not have yet another FUN community thing to do this winter. Let the kid in you color away ! Be Vibrant, Be Authentic, Be Yourself and show off your true colors.

Please, don’t rip off the cover… Just send in a PHOTO of your colored cover and we will share it… just for fun… plus be entered into a RAFFLE too. We will pick 2 LUCKY WINNERS on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day. Adults entered for a $50. gift certificate to Valley Originals (ages 18 +) plus $25 to White Mountain Independents for a kiddo (age 1-17).

Please include your name (age if you are a Student) and a way to contact you if you win.

For copies of the VIBE magazine, stop by any of many local establishments, including Badger Realty, LLC Or for extra copies of the cover to color, we encourage you to grab a magazine for reading and coloring. If you want to make some extra copies of the cover for coloring for additional family members stop by Badger Realty’s North Conway office or follow this link to print more.

Have FUN & ENJOY your inner kid (again).
Cheers, Bernie
Bernadette Donohue

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