Eversource Energy Support to Expand Workforce and Diversity Internship Programs at Mount Washington Observatory

North Conway and Manchester, NH, November 27, 2023 – New funding from the Eversource Energy Foundation will increase access for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in Mount Washington Observatory’s (MWOBS) weather and climate internship. Eversource support will provide interns with a stipend to cover their time and travel while working on New England’s highest peak.

University interns serve as integral members of MWOBS’ weather observation team, living and working with trained meteorological staff on weekly shifts at the summit of Mount Washington. Each intern learns technical skills in meteorology, data science, and weather and climate research. Interns also undertake a unique semester-long research project and participate in science communications opportunities.

Funding from the Eversource Energy Foundation will expand MWOBS’ long-standing Workforce Training Internship and new Diversity Internship Program, formed in fall 2022 with Howard University and Jackson State University to recruit from these two nationally premier meteorological programs. The Diversity Internship Program is part of MWOBS’ larger effort to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion and make the summit of Mount Washington more accessible to university students.

Intern Myah Rather leads a tour of Mount Washington Observatory’s summit weather station in summer 2023. Rather is now a graduate student in Howard University’s Atmospheric Sciences program. During her internship, she researched Rain on Snow (ROS) events on Mount Washington to help determine if weather extremes are occurring more frequently. 

“With their extreme weather leadership, Mount Washington Observatory is a natural partner for us as we work every day to provide our customers with safe, reliable service on blue sky days and no matter the threats posed by the changing climate,” said Doug Foley, Eversource New Hampshire President of Electric Operations. “We’re proud to support the Observatory’s Diversity Internship Program, which is helping to prepare the next generation of weather and climate scientists and is consistent with our focus on workforce development and diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything that we do.”

Eversource will also provide vital support for a new joint internship program kicking off in January 2024 that immerses participants in both mountain meteorology and avalanche forecasting, created in partnership between MWOBS and the United States Forest Service’s Mount Washington Avalanche Center. In addition, a joint internship between MWOBS, the Appalachian Mountain Club, and Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study is planned for fall 2024 to produce an annual report on the climatology and biology of the White Mountains region of New Hampshire.

“Eversource will provide meaningful opportunities for university students from diverse backgrounds to access our summit weather station and help the Observatory discover insights about our atmosphere,” said Drew Bush, MWOBS Executive Director. “As a scientific institution committed to research and education about the natural systems that create Earth’s weather and climate, we seek to increase participation in climate science for populations historically excluded and under-included in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields.”

University students from all backgrounds who are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in weather, climate, environmental science, engineering, or related field are encouraged to visit mountwashington.org to learn more and apply for an internship at MWOBS.

Fall 2023 Intern Jordan Frate, a graduate of Oregon State University, researched Near-Surface Lapse Rates during his summit internship.

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