White Mountain National Forest Fees Waived on Washington’s Birthday

Campton, NH February 10, 2021 — In recognition of Washington’s Birthday the White Mountain National Forest will join with national forests across the country in waiving fees at all day-use areas on Monday, February 15. Fees will remain in effect for overnight camping, cabin rentals, permits, reservations, and activities offered by concessionaires.

We know that outdoor recreation has become especially important to people this past year. Whether you’re planning an easy winter hike, a snowshoe trip, or a trip up Mount Washington, White Mountain National Forest officials are reminding visitors to plan ahead and be prepared for the winter weather. The weather in the White Mountains can be harsh and changeable, and the weather in the mountains is colder and more severe than in the valleys. Depending on the weather forecast you may want to change your plans or plan your trip for another day.

Visitors should keep the following in mind when planning their trip:

* Know before you go.

* Weather conditions can change quickly, especially at higher elevations. Research your route.

* Understand that cell phone service may not be available in some forest areas, and many Forest Service roads are not maintained for winter travel.

* Make sure your vehicle is equipped for winter travel.

* Pack warm clothes, water, food, hazard flares, a spare cell phone battery or charger, and anything else you’ll need to shelter safely and signal for help if you get stuck.

* Allow extra travel time for your trip.

* Do not park illegally in parking areas or on highways – this puts everyone at risk.

* In an emergency, parking illegally will prevent NHDOT from clearing the way and slow the arrival of medical aid and other first responders.

* NHDOT needs to have the room to plow safely and if you are parked illegally there’s a good chance your vehicle will be towed.

For information to help you plan a safe trip go to the hikeSafe.com website. With proper planning you can enjoy a safe winter trip to the White Mountains.

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