New Literacy Program offered at Preschools!

A book can take a reader anywhere in the world, (or even to a different world) if the reader lets it. Believe in Books Literacy Foundation’s new Outreach Reading program is helping teach little ones just that.

INTERVALE, NH – The past two months have been a busy one for Believe in Books Literacy Foundation while they have been on the road visiting preschools and giving out new books with their brand-new Outreach Reading Program, “Where Can a Book Take You?”. This fun new program’s purpose is to promote excitement and engagement with books while a child uses their imagination to travel anywhere they want!

During a “Where Can a Book Take You?” visit, Katie Young, Believe in Books Literacy Foundation’s Outreach Coordinator, and a volunteer reader bring a suitcase filled with items from their most recent travels, a story to read aloud, and brand-new books for the students to take home with them.

So far this school year, Katie has taken preschoolers in Northern New Hampshire and Western Maine “under the sea” and most recently “to the zoo!” This week, Katie will be visiting local schools encouraging preschoolers to use their imagination, while listening to a story about taking a trip on a plane, train, boat, or car!

At each visit, the kids listen to the story and they get the opportunity to pick out a new book that they can keep and take home! BIBLF brings a new variety of books for the kids centered around the different theme, each visit. These books are purchased through the help of many supporters and fundraisers, such as their biggest, beloved fundraiser, Journey to the North Pole™.

To learn more about this program and how to support programs like this, visit The Believe in Books Literacy Foundation is a Charitable 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit with a mission to advance healthy development of young minds through literacy programs that encourage early reading, imagination, and physical activity.

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