Mt Washington Valley, NH businesses turn on the lights for hope


North Conway, NH – Businesses throughout New England are struggling to find ways to cope and help others as the economic issues created by the Coronavirus pandemic continue to move up the curve. From small gestures of kindness to volunteerism and cutbacks, everyone is jumping in to help. Brenda Leavitt of Badger Realty in North Conway, NH had a simple idea that’s catching on in other communities. “Let there be light to offer hope,” she suggested to the Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce. From that simple conversation a movement is now underway for Mt Washington Valley businesses to join other communities in encouraging businesses to leave their lights on at night offering hope to all.

Brenda relayed her revelation in a story about the late Dick Badger, owner and founder of Badger Realty. “Our former leader, Dick Badger deserves the credit for this idea,” explained Brenda. When we opened Badger Realty in Jackson many years ago, Dick would stop in after the office was closed and turn the lights on in the lobby. He always said, “We will leave the lights on for you!”, she added. “There is nothing more concerning to me than ‘darkness’. Since our office is closed to the public traffic at present, I did not want the office to be dark. This is our way of lighting the way to hope,” suggested Brenda.

“We are suggesting that you keep your front door light and/or storefront lights on throughout the night to offer optimism and raise spirits,” recommended Janice Crawford, Executive Director of the Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce in a recent letter sent to members. In addition, she suggested, “Changing your light bulb to green is one more additional step you could make to add to the feeling. Green is the color of hope. If you still have your Christmas lights in your windows, consider changing the bulb to green and keeping them on.” In addition, the chamber requests that all holiday greenery that’s browned now be removed to show that the community has not abandoned hope.

Twinkling white lights in trees and hedges or around roof lines however are also encouraged to stay on or even be added. This is a phenomenon that’s happening in communities around the country, to bring back a little of the magic of Christmas, according to an article in TIME. Already in North Conway Village, Badger Realty, Toy Chest, Spruce Hurricane and a growing number of additional businesses are leaving outside lights on all night to send a message of optimism to residents of Mt Washington Valley and visitors.

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