Birds of a feather flock together for the chance to observe rare birds in Mt Washington Valley, NH


Three programs offer birders opportunities to see rare and elusive birds up close and personal

North Conway, NH – Mt Washington Valley is home to a wide diversity of bird life, and no time is better to enjoy spotting unusual breeds up close and personal than in the spring. Two special programs help birders to spot and observe their fine feathered friends in Mt Washington Valley, and a third offers insights into crows, one of the smartest birds known. These are very popular programs, so sign up early to insure a spot.

Saturdays throughout May (May 4, 11.18, 25): Birding in Brownfield Bog: The early bird gets the views for this weekly series presented by Tin Mountain Conservation. Birders of all levels are encouraged to meet at the G&S Store in Brownfield at 7:00am for a weekly bird walk through the bog to view the rich diversity of bird life that makes its way north to rest or nest. Bring binoculars (or borrow theirs), rubber boots, and a snack. The final week will be via canoe. Info: click here.

May 9: Lecture: Crows & their Winter Roosts: Another program presented by Tin Mountain Conservation Center at the Nature Learning Center in Albany from 7:00-8:00pm, Dana and Bob Fox will share what they have learned about 25,000 wintering crows over two years through detailed observation and reading. You’ll learn what crows do, don’t do and how they change their minds, illustrating what smart birds crows really are. It is both eye and mind boggling.

Note: The Tin Mountain Bird Society provides meaningful experiences for area birders. With a mission to further the work of citizen science and bird-related conservation efforts through avian field trips, training opportunities, research and educational programs., the Society is part of Tin Mountain Conservation Center.

June 2, 4, 6, 8, 12: Bicknell’s Thrush Tours via the Mt Washington Auto Road: Bicknell’s Thrush is an extremely rare species with very limited breeding grounds. It is the rarest and most secretive of the breeding thrushes in North America and it is the only bird whose breeding is restricted to the Northeastern part of the continent. These unusual birds usually breed at higher elevations, normally nesting above 3,000 ft. The unique and harsh climate is just what the birds prefer due to the combination of low vegetation and abundant moisture and thus, the Mt. Washington Auto Road offers you a rare opportunity to view these obscure birds.

The Mt Washington Auto Road’s Bicknell’s Thrush Guided Tours leave at 6:00am before the Mt. Washington Auto Road opens to insure there is as little additional noise or disturbance as possible. Their success rate at hearing and seeing this elusive thrush is quite good, but unfortunately, with the species in decline due to wintering habitat losses, there can be no guarantee of sightings. Tours are $50.00 per person and advance registration is required. Sign up early for these tours are very popular. Info and online registration is here.

Birders and vacationers alike can learn more about events, workshops and all the trip planning resources needed at To talk to a vacation planner, call 800-367-3364 (800-DO-SEE-NH). Planning another trip to New Hampshire? Go to to learn all about additional opportunities for birders and nature enthusiasts throughout New Hampshire.

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