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Airs LIVE from North Conway weekends 7:30-9:30AM

The phone number to play Watch & Win is 603-356-6619. If we prompt you to submit your answer online, enter it here:

Other ways to watch:

Spectrum Cable TV. We are on channel 16 in most of Carroll County, NH and parts of Oxford County, Maine. At some resorts we are on channel 15.

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Get ready for the White Mountains!

WHITE MOUNTAINS TODAY is live Saturday and Sunday mornings 7:30-9:30AM Eastern Time.

  • activity and event updates from around the White Mountains
  • local weather and conditions reports
  • expert interviews
  • fun Watch & Win prize contests! Win free lift tickets, attraction passes, restaurant gift cards, outdoor gear, clothing and more!



Have an idea for a guest interview?  E-Mail us at conway@outsidetv.com