White Mountain National Forest Advises Visitors to Use Caution After Recent Storm

Campton, NH – November 3, 2017 The White Mountain National Forest has been responding to reports and assessing damage across the Forest after Sunday’s storm. Currently, we have assessed the major roads and developed sites across the Forest. There is still a lot of ground to cover and many unknowns, especially backcountry conditions. Therefore, even though an area or trail may be open, caution and good judgment should be exercised.

Some roads, sites, and trails have been closed due to hazardous conditions, high water, wash outs, unsafe bridges or other impediments. Heed signing and check the website for updates.

Visitors who choose to recreate in the next several days should expect to encounter hazardous conditions. Heavy rains have swollen rivers and streams. Some trails may be impassable due to high water. Never enter high water areas or approach fast moving water. Keep your distance. Turn back if necessary.

Extremely high winds from the recent weather event has created blow down around the Forest. Trees, limbs and debris may block trails, impact day use sites, and make roads impassable. Be aware that you may have to turn around and plan your trip for another day. High winds may have also created hazards such as leaning trees or weak limbs that may come crashing down in the aftermath. Be aware of potential hazards in the area and above you.

Many roads have been damaged by the storm and remain impassable or dangerous. Washouts, compromised bridges, soft shoulders, blockage due to blow down, are but a few of the hazards to be expected. Heed road closures. Do not go around gates or road barricades.

The Forest continues to assess damage. Please report any storm damage you encounter – whether on a road, trail, recreation site or campground to the White Mountain National Forest at (603) 536-6100. We will continue to keep our website updated with latest current conditions as they become available: https://www.fs.usda.gov/whitemountain.


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