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35th Annual (2nd online) First Season Benefit Auction

Saturday, March 20, 8pm – Sunday, March 28, 8pm

There’s still time to register and participate in the bidding at Tin Mountain’s 35th Annual First Season Auction. Over 350 items are up for bid. This year’s auction features lots of baskets including a spa basket to help you relax, a book basket to help you catch up on your reading, and a chocolate and beer basket for any occasion. Available in the auction is everything from an electric toothbrush to a garbage disposal to splitting mauls to handknit sweaters and so much more. A kaleidoscope of handmade quilts, plus handmade walnut chairs and a cherry and ash child’s stool are just a few of the beautiful, useful and unique items available in this year’s auction. Register and bid at All proceeds benefit Tin Mountain and support nature programs, summer camp and ongoing environmental conservation and environmental research programs.

Online Program

Nest Boxes: Creating a Bird Friendly Yard

Thursday, March 25, 7:00 PM

How can you make your property more appealing to the area’s flying residents? Nest boxes are a great way to promote bird and bat species, but it’s important to know which boxes you want and where to hang them. Debra Marnich from the Natural Resources Conservation Service will discuss how to determine the bird and bat species in your area and what type of nesting boxes they utilize.

Deb will focus on the use of nesting boxes for supporting local wildlife. Specifically, she will cover nesting habitats and natural cavities, box design for specific species, types of boxes, placement and installation of boxes, and maintenance of boxes. Join us to see how you can enhance your yard and make it more attractive to our flying and feathered friends. The Carroll County Conservation District will be selling bird boxes this year and Matt Coughlan, district manager, will be on hand to tell what type of boxes are available and when and how to order them.

Visit www.tinmountainorg for the link to the online program.

Online Program

Cabin Fever Nature Photography

Thursday, April 1, 7:00 PM

Join members of the North Country Camera Club and local professionals for this virtual exploration of photography. You’ll enjoy viewing some of their favorite nature-themed photographs and learn what they and others look for when trying to capture the ‘perfect shot’. Bring your photography questions and plan to enjoy the photos and discussion as we enjoy and photo the spring and summer seasons ahead.

Visit for the link to the online program.

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