NH Apple Season Officially Opens

Labor Day Weekend Welcomes a NH Fall Tradition

Hollis, NH: The NH Fruit Growers Association (NHFGA) announces the start of NH apple season, NH’s delicious fall tradition. Ushered in with the change of seasons and Labor Day weekend, NH farms and orchards welcome the public with early season apples and pick-your-own.

New for this year, the NHFGA has reimagined their member farm and orchard website directory making it easier for the public to find pick your own apples, heirloom varieties, farm stands, and more. The association has also increased its social media outreach on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to include recipes, tips, farm photos, and education about NH’s grown fruit.

In the time of COVID-19, farm and orchard visits provide an opportunity for people to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while supporting local growers. Member farms and orchards have implemented safety procedures; it’s suggested to check before visiting.

New Hampshire’s apple season runs from mid-August through October, with different varieties becoming ready throughout the season. Modern storage techniques make NH apples available year round at several outlets. Over 50 varieties of apples are grown in the state, with NH favorites like McIntosh, Cortland, Empire, Macoun, Gala, Mutsu, and Honeycrisp.

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