Howl O’ Queen Haunted Museum

Most Halloween events have been cancelled so Mount Washington Valley Teen Scholarship Program has worked out a plan for a fun, family event that is social-distanced.

Howl O’ Queen Haunted Museum will be held at Black Fly Field in Bartlett on Wednesday, October 28 from 5-8pm.
The details:
There will be up to 20 exhibits behind clear plastic, 6 feet apart with a roped area for guests.
The cost is $5 per person/ $20 per family, cash only (preferably the exact amount).
There will be a door person at the entrance and exit to ensure groups are separated as they enter and are kept separated. A parking attendant will also be on site.
Masks are required for attendees and no loitering will be allowed after enjoying the exhibits.
Gourmet S’mores will be for sale at the end of the displays, prepackaged and ready to melt when you get home. The cost is $5 for 2.
More exhibitors are wanted for the event but need to register in advance. Scenes may be somewhat scary, but this is a family friendly event so no over-the-top scary. They may also be slightly gorey but nothing inappropriate. Contact Lisa DuFault at (603) 374-6241-1 or email valleypromotions.

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